Tankless Water Heater



Going With A Tankless Water Heater: Is It For You?

Homeowners decide to make the switch to tankless water heaters for a variety of reasons. Extra storage, better energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan are just some of the benefits that a tankless heater can provide. Of course, there are also certain setbacks that are rarely discussed when homeowners look to upgrade their appliances.

Tankless water heaters run on the higher voltage that most homes aren’t ready for. This can add additional costs to the installation process by needing the home to be rewired for electricity. Not to mention, tankless water heaters that run on gas can cost several thousand dollars. Even with some of the setbacks discussed above, choosing a water heater that’s tankless can still offer plenty of appeal to many homeowners!

Common Advantages Of Tankless Water Heaters

*The compact design of these modern water heaters make them desirable. You no longer need an entire utility closet to keep your water heater tank out of sight. In fact, the small nature of tankless heaters allows for them to be installed anywhere in the home where enough space can be found.

*Going tankless for many homeowners also means a step in the right direction regarding going eco-friendly. Just think, an old rusty water heater tank will end up in a landfill somewhere, whereas, a tankless heater can run for 20 years and takes up less space. Not to mention, these heaters won’t waste water as only the amount of water you need will be heated.

*When considering the longevity of your water heater, do bear in mind that on average, a traditional water heater comes with a six-year warranty. On the other hand, a tankless unit will often have you covered for 15 years. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with water on the floor in case your unit no longer functions as it should.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Tankless

  1. *Do you need your unit to heat water for your whole house?
  2. *Do you have the money to get the right wiring and setup for an electric model? If going with a gas model, is there a place you can place the vent?
  3. *How much use do you hope to get out of your unit?
  4. *What is your budget for purchasing a new water heater?
  5. * Where can I find the best tankless water heater review?
  6. *Are you willing to hire a professional installation service for your needs?
  7. *How many people are going to be using the water in your household?

Investing in a tankless water heater should never be taken lightly. It can be a costly appliance and even during the lifetime of the water heater, maintenance will need to be completed. For example, the on-demand units will need to be de-limed on a yearly basis, whereas, traditional water heaters require virtually no maintenance. Making the switch can be a daunting task, especially when you have a lot of costs to consider and on top of it all, you have to look at the needs of your household.